Phyllis Tickle on the New Anglican Base Packages

When we launched the new line of Anglican base packages, I sent one to well-known author and theologian Phyllis Tickle. After using the package for a week or so, Phyllis offered the following thoughts:


Photo Credit: Teresa Hooper

Photo Credit: Teresa Hooper

Those of us who have already been using the Logos Bible packages and libraries for years are always going to be enthusiastic anytime Logos ventures into new territory or adds yet another base package. We are especially enthusiastic, of course, when that new addition plays directly into areas of our own particular interests, as is the case here; for as an Episcopalian, I fell into the Anglican base package like a child suddenly let loose in a carnival of impossible delights and unimagined wonders, not to mention of some totally fascinating and/or previously unsuspected esoterica.

An Anglican base package, like every other Logos package, is a tool, of course, not a carnival. It is designed as a tool and defined as one.  Yet one of the major hallmarks of a good tool, one of the chief criteria for evaluating it, in fact, is to ask whether or not it delights, whether or not it sits comfortably in the hand, whether or not it gives both satisfaction to the eye and resolution to the tasks which it was created to address.  This one does; and though it may not be properly represented as a carnival of delights [although I still contend it is that, too] the base package should most certainly be represented as a tool that can render the Anglican heart wiser in its affections and send the Anglican mind back to its daily work rejoicing.

The usefulness of the base packages for clergy,  academics, and licensed lay workers is almost too obvious to warrant comment [though it does bear saying that I cannot imagine anyone’s undertaking seminary training nowadays without having a base package duly tucked, quite literally, into his or her tool box.] Since I am neither professional clergy nor a practicing academic, however, and since, pray God, my days of graduate school are all well behind me, I can speak credibly only about the pleasure and the comfort and, perhaps, even the glory  of having, ready to hand at the click of a mouse, the primaries of Anglicanism … its great documents, its ecclesial proceedings and decisions, its political debates and theological arguments, etc … as well as authoritative and respected, commentaries on everything from our evolving theology over the centuries to our ever evolving and shifting role in the political and secular life of the world.

A base package may not be for everyone … in fact, I doubt that it is … but for professionals and also for all of us who yearn toward more intimacy with who and what we are and more familiarity with the ways by which we and our theological forebears arrived at our own place in history, it is a benison of the first order.

Phyllis Tickle


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